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Botan::Cert_Extension::CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point Class Referencefinal

#include <x509_ext.h>

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Public Member Functions

CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Pointcopy () const override
 CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point ()=default
 CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point (const CRL_Distribution_Points::Distribution_Point &distribution_point)
const AlternativeName & get_point () const
OID oid_of () const override

Static Public Member Functions

static OID static_oid ()

Detailed Description

Basic Constraints ExtensionKey Usage Constraints ExtensionSubject Key Identifier ExtensionAuthority Key Identifier ExtensionSubject Alternative Name ExtensionIssuer Alternative Name ExtensionExtended Key Usage ExtensionName ConstraintsCertificate Policies ExtensionAuthority Information Access ExtensionCRL Number ExtensionCRL Entry Reason Code ExtensionCRL Distribution Points Extension todo enforce restrictions from RFC 5280 Issuing Distribution Point Extension todo enforce restrictions from RFC 5280 5.2.5

Definition at line 705 of file x509_ext.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point() [1/2]

Botan::Cert_Extension::CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point::CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point ( )

Referenced by copy().

◆ CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point() [2/2]

Botan::Cert_Extension::CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point::CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point ( const CRL_Distribution_Points::Distribution_Point &  distribution_point)

Definition at line 710 of file x509_ext.h.

710  :
711  m_distribution_point(distribution_point) {}

Member Function Documentation

◆ copy()

CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point* Botan::Cert_Extension::CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point::copy ( ) const

Definition at line 713 of file x509_ext.h.

714  { return new CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point(m_distribution_point); }

References CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point().

◆ get_point()

const AlternativeName& Botan::Cert_Extension::CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point::get_point ( ) const

Definition at line 716 of file x509_ext.h.

717  { return m_distribution_point.point(); }

◆ oid_of()

OID Botan::Cert_Extension::CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point::oid_of ( ) const

Definition at line 720 of file x509_ext.h.

References static_oid().

◆ static_oid()

static OID Botan::Cert_Extension::CRL_Issuing_Distribution_Point::static_oid ( )

Definition at line 719 of file x509_ext.h.

719 { return OID(""); }

Referenced by oid_of().

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