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Botan::Cert_Extension::CRL_Distribution_Points::Distribution_Point Class Referencefinal

#include <x509_ext.h>

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Public Member Functions

void decode_from (class BER_Decoder &) override
void encode_into (class DER_Encoder &) const override
const AlternativeNamepoint () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 644 of file x509_ext.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ decode_from()

void Botan::Cert_Extension::CRL_Distribution_Points::Distribution_Point::decode_from ( class BER_Decoder from)

Decode whatever this object is from from

fromthe BER_Decoder that will be read from

Implements Botan::ASN1_Object.

Definition at line 910 of file x509_ext.cpp.

References Botan::Data_Store::add(), Botan::CONSTRUCTED, Botan::CONTEXT_SPECIFIC, Botan::BER_Decoder::decode(), Botan::BER_Decoder::decode_optional_implicit(), Botan::BER_Decoder::end_cons(), Botan::SEQUENCE, Botan::BER_Decoder::start_cons(), and Botan::BER_Decoder::verify_end().

911  {
912  ber.start_cons(SEQUENCE)
913  .start_cons(ASN1_Tag(0), CONTEXT_SPECIFIC)
914  .decode_optional_implicit(m_point, ASN1_Tag(0),
917  .end_cons().end_cons();
918  }
Definition: asn1_obj.h:22

◆ encode_into()

void Botan::Cert_Extension::CRL_Distribution_Points::Distribution_Point::encode_into ( class DER_Encoder to) const

Encode whatever this object is into to

tothe DER_Encoder that will be written to

Implements Botan::ASN1_Object.

Definition at line 905 of file x509_ext.cpp.

906  {
907  throw Not_Implemented("CRL_Distribution_Points encoding");
908  }

◆ point()

const AlternativeName& Botan::Cert_Extension::CRL_Distribution_Points::Distribution_Point::point ( ) const

Definition at line 650 of file x509_ext.h.

650 { return m_point; }

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