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Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO Class Referenceabstract

#include <tls_handshake_io.h>

Inheritance diagram for Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO:
Botan::TLS::Datagram_Handshake_IO Botan::TLS::Stream_Handshake_IO

Public Member Functions

virtual void add_record (const uint8_t record[], size_t record_len, Record_Type type, uint64_t sequence_number)=0
virtual std::vector< uint8_t > format (const std::vector< uint8_t > &handshake_msg, Handshake_Type handshake_type) const =0
virtual std::pair< Handshake_Type, std::vector< uint8_t > > get_next_record (bool expecting_ccs)=0
 Handshake_IO ()=default
 Handshake_IO (const Handshake_IO &)=delete
virtual Protocol_Version initial_record_version () const =0
Handshake_IOoperator= (const Handshake_IO &)=delete
virtual std::vector< uint8_t > send (const Handshake_Message &msg)=0
virtual std::vector< uint8_t > send_under_epoch (const Handshake_Message &msg, uint16_t epoch)=0
virtual bool timeout_check ()=0
virtual ~Handshake_IO ()=default

Detailed Description

Handshake IO Interface

Definition at line 29 of file tls_handshake_io.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Handshake_IO() [1/2]

Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO::Handshake_IO ( )

◆ Handshake_IO() [2/2]

Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO::Handshake_IO ( const Handshake_IO )

◆ ~Handshake_IO()

virtual Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO::~Handshake_IO ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_record()

virtual void Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO::add_record ( const uint8_t  record[],
size_t  record_len,
Record_Type  type,
uint64_t  sequence_number 
pure virtual

◆ format()

virtual std::vector< uint8_t > Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO::format ( const std::vector< uint8_t > &  handshake_msg,
Handshake_Type  handshake_type 
) const
pure virtual

◆ get_next_record()

virtual std::pair< Handshake_Type, std::vector< uint8_t > > Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO::get_next_record ( bool  expecting_ccs)
pure virtual

Returns (HANDSHAKE_NONE, std::vector<>()) if no message currently available

Implemented in Botan::TLS::Stream_Handshake_IO, and Botan::TLS::Datagram_Handshake_IO.

◆ initial_record_version()

virtual Protocol_Version Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO::initial_record_version ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ operator=()

Handshake_IO & Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO::operator= ( const Handshake_IO )

◆ send()

virtual std::vector< uint8_t > Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO::send ( const Handshake_Message msg)
pure virtual

◆ send_under_epoch()

virtual std::vector< uint8_t > Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO::send_under_epoch ( const Handshake_Message msg,
uint16_t  epoch 
pure virtual

◆ timeout_check()

virtual bool Botan::TLS::Handshake_IO::timeout_check ( )
pure virtual

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