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Botan::ECIES_KA_Operation Class Reference

#include <ecies.h>

Public Member Functions

SymmetricKey derive_secret (const std::vector< uint8_t > &eph_public_key_bin, const PointGFp &other_public_key_point) const
 ECIES_KA_Operation (const PK_Key_Agreement_Key &private_key, const ECIES_KA_Params &ecies_params, bool for_encryption, RandomNumberGenerator &rng)

Detailed Description

ECIES secret derivation according to ISO 18033-2

Definition at line 185 of file ecies.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ECIES_KA_Operation()

Botan::ECIES_KA_Operation::ECIES_KA_Operation ( const PK_Key_Agreement_Key private_key,
const ECIES_KA_Params ecies_params,
bool  for_encryption,
RandomNumberGenerator rng 
private_keythe (ephemeral) private key which is used to derive the secret
ecies_paramssettings for ecies
for_encryptiondisable cofactor mode if the secret will be used for encryption (according to ISO 18033 cofactor mode is only used during decryption)
rngthe RNG to use

Definition at line 132 of file ecies.cpp.

135 :
136 m_ka(create_key_agreement(private_key, ecies_params, for_encryption, rng)),
137 m_params(ecies_params)
138 {
139 }

Member Function Documentation

◆ derive_secret()

SymmetricKey Botan::ECIES_KA_Operation::derive_secret ( const std::vector< uint8_t > &  eph_public_key_bin,
const PointGFp other_public_key_point 
) const

Performs a key agreement with the provided keys and derives the secret from the result

eph_public_key_binthe encoded (ephemeral) public key which belongs to the used (ephemeral) private key
other_public_key_pointpublic key point of the other party

ECIES secret derivation according to ISO 18033-2

Definition at line 144 of file ecies.cpp.

146 {
147 if(other_public_key_point.is_zero())
148 {
149 throw Invalid_Argument("ECIES: other public key point is zero");
150 }
152 std::unique_ptr<KDF> kdf = Botan::KDF::create_or_throw(m_params.kdf_spec());
154 PointGFp other_point = other_public_key_point;
156 // ISO 18033: step b
157 if(m_params.old_cofactor_mode())
158 {
159 other_point *= m_params.domain().get_cofactor();
160 }
162 secure_vector<uint8_t> derivation_input;
164 // ISO 18033: encryption step e / decryption step g
165 if(!m_params.single_hash_mode())
166 {
167 derivation_input += eph_public_key_bin;
168 }
170 // ISO 18033: encryption step f / decryption step h
171 std::vector<uint8_t> other_public_key_bin = other_point.encode(m_params.compression_type());
172 // Note: the argument `m_params.secret_length()` passed for `key_len` will only be used by providers because
173 // "Raw" is passed to the `PK_Key_Agreement` if the implementation of botan is used.
174 const SymmetricKey peh = m_ka.derive_key(m_params.domain().get_order().bytes(),, other_public_key_bin.size());
175 derivation_input.insert(derivation_input.end(), peh.begin(), peh.end());
177 // ISO 18033: encryption step g / decryption step i
178 return kdf->derive_key(m_params.secret_length(), derivation_input);
179 }
static std::vector< uint8_t > encode(const BigInt &n)
Definition: bigint.h:770
size_t bytes() const
Definition: bigint.cpp:281
size_t secret_length() const
Definition: ecies.h:80
bool old_cofactor_mode() const
Definition: ecies.h:95
bool single_hash_mode() const
Definition: ecies.h:85
const std::string & kdf_spec() const
Definition: ecies.h:110
PointGFp::Compression_Type compression_type() const
Definition: ecies.h:105
const EC_Group & domain() const
Definition: ecies.h:75
const BigInt & get_cofactor() const
Definition: ec_group.cpp:524
const BigInt & get_order() const
Definition: ec_group.cpp:509
static std::unique_ptr< KDF > create_or_throw(const std::string &algo_spec, const std::string &provider="")
Definition: kdf.cpp:226
SymmetricKey derive_key(size_t key_len, const uint8_t in[], size_t in_len, const uint8_t params[], size_t params_len) const
Definition: pubkey.cpp:218
OctetString SymmetricKey
Definition: symkey.h:141

References Botan::OctetString::begin(), Botan::BigInt::bytes(), Botan::ECIES_KA_Params::compression_type(), Botan::KDF::create_or_throw(), Botan::PK_Key_Agreement::derive_key(), Botan::ECIES_KA_Params::domain(), Botan::PointGFp::encode(), Botan::OctetString::end(), Botan::EC_Group::get_cofactor(), Botan::EC_Group::get_order(), Botan::PointGFp::is_zero(), Botan::ECIES_KA_Params::kdf_spec(), Botan::ECIES_KA_Params::old_cofactor_mode(), Botan::ECIES_KA_Params::secret_length(), and Botan::ECIES_KA_Params::single_hash_mode().

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