Botan  2.11.0
Crypto and TLS for C++11
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numthry.h File Reference
#include <botan/bigint.h>

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BigInt Botan::abs (const BigInt &n)
class BOTAN_PUBLIC_API(2, 0) AlgorithmIdentifier final bool Botan::BOTAN_PUBLIC_API (2, 0) NameConstraints final
 Name Constraints. More...
class BOTAN_PUBLIC_API(2, 0) OID final OID Botan::BOTAN_PUBLIC_API (2, 0) operator+(const OID &oid
BigInt Botan::BOTAN_PUBLIC_API (2, 5) inverse_euclid(const BigInt &x
BigInt Botan::BOTAN_PUBLIC_API (2, 7) generate_rsa_prime(RandomNumberGenerator &keygen_rng
BigInt Botan::BOTAN_PUBLIC_API (2, 8) operator *(const BigInt &x
bool Botan::check_prime (const BigInt &n, RandomNumberGenerator &rng)
bool Botan::quick_check_prime (const BigInt &n, RandomNumberGenerator &rng)
bool Botan::verify_prime (const BigInt &n, RandomNumberGenerator &rng)


size_t const BigInt & Botan::a
BigInt size_t Botan::bits
BigInt const BigInt const BigInt & Botan::c
BigInt size_t const BigInt & Botan::coprime = 0
BigInt size_t const BigInt size_t Botan::equiv = 1
BigInt size_t const BigInt size_t size_t Botan::equiv_mod = 2
bool RandomNumberGenerator size_t bool Botan::is_random = false)
BigInt const BigInt & Botan::mod
BigInt const BigInt & Botan::modulus
bool BigInt BigInt size_t size_t const std::vector< uint8_t > size_t Botan::offset = 0)
BigInt const BigInt & Botan::p
std::vector< uint8_t > BigInt & Botan::p_out
std::vector< uint8_t > BigInt BigInt size_t Botan::pbits
const size_t Botan::PRIME_TABLE_SIZE = 6541
BigInt RandomNumberGenerator & Botan::prime_test_rng
bool RandomNumberGenerator size_t Botan::prob = 64
std::vector< uint8_t > BigInt BigInt & Botan::q_out
std::vector< uint8_t > BigInt BigInt size_t size_t Botan::qbits
bool RandomNumberGenerator & Botan::rng
bool BigInt BigInt size_t size_t const std::vector< uint8_t > & Botan::seed
BigInt const BigInt & Botan::x