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Botan::PK_Ops::Verification Class Referenceabstract

#include <pk_ops.h>

Inheritance diagram for Botan::PK_Ops::Verification:
Botan::PK_Ops::Verification_with_Hash Botan::XMSS_Verification_Operation

Public Member Functions

virtual std::string hash_function () const =0
virtual bool is_valid_signature (const uint8_t sig[], size_t sig_len)=0
virtual void update (const uint8_t msg[], size_t msg_len)=0
virtual ~Verification ()=default

Detailed Description

Public key signature verification interface

Definition at line 64 of file pk_ops.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Verification()

virtual Botan::PK_Ops::Verification::~Verification ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ hash_function()

virtual std::string Botan::PK_Ops::Verification::hash_function ( ) const
pure virtual

Return the hash function being used by this signer

Implemented in Botan::XMSS_Verification_Operation, and Botan::PK_Ops::Verification_with_Hash.

◆ is_valid_signature()

virtual bool Botan::PK_Ops::Verification::is_valid_signature ( const uint8_t  sig[],
size_t  sig_len 
pure virtual

Perform a verification operation

Implemented in Botan::PK_Ops::Verification_with_Hash, and Botan::XMSS_Verification_Operation.

◆ update()

virtual void Botan::PK_Ops::Verification::update ( const uint8_t  msg[],
size_t  msg_len 
pure virtual

Add more data to the message currently being signed

msgthe message
msg_lenthe length of msg in bytes

Implemented in Botan::PK_Ops::Verification_with_Hash, and Botan::XMSS_Verification_Operation.

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