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Botan::Fork Class Reference

#include <filters.h>

Inheritance diagram for Botan::Fork:
Botan::Fanout_Filter Botan::Filter

Public Member Functions

virtual bool attachable ()
virtual void end_msg ()
 Fork (Filter *, Filter *, Filter *=nullptr, Filter *=nullptr)
 Fork (Filter *filter_arr[], size_t length)
std::string name () const override
void set_port (size_t n)
virtual void start_msg ()
void write (const uint8_t input[], size_t length) override

Protected Member Functions

void attach (Filter *f)
void incr_owns ()
template<typename Alloc >
void send (const std::vector< uint8_t, Alloc > &in)
template<typename Alloc >
void send (const std::vector< uint8_t, Alloc > &in, size_t length)
virtual void send (const uint8_t in[], size_t length)
void send (uint8_t in)
void set_next (Filter *f[], size_t n)

Detailed Description

This class represents a fork filter, whose purpose is to fork the flow of data. It causes an input message to result in n messages at the end of the filter, where n is the number of forks.

Definition at line 677 of file filters.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Fork() [1/2]

Botan::Fork::Fork ( Filter f1,
Filter f2,
Filter f3 = nullptr,
Filter f4 = nullptr 

Construct a Fork filter with up to four forks.

Definition at line 38 of file basefilt.cpp.

39 {
40 Filter* filters[4] = { f1, f2, f3, f4 };
41 set_next(filters, 4);
42 }
void set_next(Filter *f[], size_t n)
Definition: filter.h:155

References Botan::Fanout_Filter::set_next().

◆ Fork() [2/2]

Botan::Fork::Fork ( Filter filter_arr[],
size_t  length 

Construct a Fork from range of filters

filter_arrthe list of filters
lengthhow many filters

Definition at line 47 of file basefilt.cpp.

48 {
49 set_next(filters, count);
50 }

References Botan::Fanout_Filter::set_next().

Member Function Documentation

◆ attach()

void Botan::Fanout_Filter::attach ( Filter f)

Definition at line 157 of file filter.h.

157{ Filter::attach(f); }

Referenced by Botan::Chain::Chain().

◆ attachable()

virtual bool Botan::Filter::attachable ( )

Check whether this filter is an attachable filter.

true if this filter is attachable, false otherwise

Reimplemented in Botan::DataSink, and Botan::SecureQueue.

Definition at line 52 of file filter.h.

52{ return true; }

◆ end_msg()

virtual void Botan::Filter::end_msg ( )

Notify that the current message is finished; flush buffers and do end-of-message processing (if any).

Reimplemented in Botan::DataSink_Stream, Botan::Base64_Encoder, Botan::Base64_Decoder, Botan::Hex_Encoder, and Botan::Hex_Decoder.

Definition at line 46 of file filter.h.

46{ /* default empty */ }

◆ incr_owns()

void Botan::Fanout_Filter::incr_owns ( )

Increment the number of filters past us that we own

Definition at line 151 of file filter.h.

151{ ++m_filter_owns; }

Referenced by Botan::Chain::Chain().

◆ name()

std::string Botan::Fork::name ( ) const
descriptive name for this filter

Implements Botan::Filter.

Definition at line 683 of file filters.h.

683{ return "Fork"; }

◆ send() [1/4]

template<typename Alloc >
void Botan::Filter::send ( const std::vector< uint8_t, Alloc > &  in)
insome input for the filter

Definition at line 71 of file filter.h.

72 {
73 send(, in.size());
74 }
virtual void send(const uint8_t in[], size_t length)
Definition: filter.cpp:27

◆ send() [2/4]

template<typename Alloc >
void Botan::Filter::send ( const std::vector< uint8_t, Alloc > &  in,
size_t  length 
insome input for the filter
lengththe number of bytes of in to send

Definition at line 81 of file filter.h.

82 {
83 BOTAN_ASSERT_NOMSG(length <= in.size());
84 send(, length);
85 }
#define BOTAN_ASSERT_NOMSG(expr)
Definition: assert.h:67


◆ send() [3/4]

void Botan::Filter::send ( const uint8_t  in[],
size_t  length 
insome input for the filter
lengththe length of in

Definition at line 27 of file filter.cpp.

28 {
29 if(!length)
30 return;
32 bool nothing_attached = true;
33 for(size_t j = 0; j != total_ports(); ++j)
34 if(m_next[j])
35 {
36 if(!m_write_queue.empty())
37 m_next[j]->write(, m_write_queue.size());
38 m_next[j]->write(input, length);
39 nothing_attached = false;
40 }
42 if(nothing_attached)
43 m_write_queue += std::make_pair(input, length);
44 else
45 m_write_queue.clear();
46 }
virtual void write(const uint8_t input[], size_t length)=0

References Botan::Filter::write().

Referenced by Botan::Base64_Encoder::end_msg(), Botan::Base64_Decoder::end_msg(), Botan::Hex_Encoder::end_msg(), Botan::Hex_Decoder::end_msg(), Botan::Base64_Decoder::write(), and Botan::Hex_Decoder::write().

◆ send() [4/4]

void Botan::Filter::send ( uint8_t  in)
insome input for the filter

Definition at line 65 of file filter.h.

65{ send(&in, 1); }

References Botan::Filter::send().

Referenced by Botan::Filter::send().

◆ set_next()

void Botan::Fanout_Filter::set_next ( Filter f[],
size_t  n 

Definition at line 155 of file filter.h.

155{ Filter::set_next(f, n); }

Referenced by Fork(), and Botan::SecureQueue::SecureQueue().

◆ set_port()

void Botan::Fork::set_port ( size_t  n)

Definition at line 681 of file filters.h.

void set_port(size_t n)
Definition: filter.h:153

References Botan::Fanout_Filter::set_port().

◆ start_msg()

virtual void Botan::Filter::start_msg ( )

Start a new message. Must be closed by end_msg() before another message can be started.

Definition at line 40 of file filter.h.

40{ /* default empty */ }

◆ write()

void Botan::Fork::write ( const uint8_t  input[],
size_t  length 

Write a portion of a message to this filter.

inputthe input as a byte array
lengththe length of the byte array input

Implements Botan::Filter.

Definition at line 680 of file filters.h.

680{ send(input, length); }

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