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Botan::Bcrypt_PBKDF Class Referencefinal

#include <bcrypt_pbkdf.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Bcrypt_PBKDF (const Bcrypt_PBKDF &other)=default
 Bcrypt_PBKDF (size_t iterations)
void derive_key (uint8_t out[], size_t out_len, const char *password, size_t password_len, const uint8_t salt[], size_t salt_len) const override
size_t iterations () const override
size_t memory_param () const override
Bcrypt_PBKDFoperator= (const Bcrypt_PBKDF &)=default
size_t parallelism () const override
std::string to_string () const override
size_t total_memory_usage () const override

Detailed Description

Bcrypt-PBKDF key derivation function

Definition at line 19 of file bcrypt_pbkdf.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Bcrypt_PBKDF() [1/2]

Botan::Bcrypt_PBKDF::Bcrypt_PBKDF ( size_t  iterations)

Definition at line 22 of file bcrypt_pbkdf.h.

22: m_iterations(iterations) {}
size_t iterations() const override
Definition: bcrypt_pbkdf.h:36

◆ Bcrypt_PBKDF() [2/2]

Botan::Bcrypt_PBKDF::Bcrypt_PBKDF ( const Bcrypt_PBKDF other)

Member Function Documentation

◆ derive_key()

void Botan::Bcrypt_PBKDF::derive_key ( uint8_t  out[],
size_t  out_len,
const char *  password,
size_t  password_len,
const uint8_t  salt[],
size_t  salt_len 
) const

Derive a new key under the current Bcrypt-PBKDF parameter set

Implements Botan::PasswordHash.

Definition at line 15 of file bcrypt_pbkdf.cpp.

18 {
19 bcrypt_pbkdf(output, output_len,
20 password, password_len,
21 salt, salt_len,
22 m_iterations);
23 }
void bcrypt_pbkdf(uint8_t output[], size_t output_len, const char *pass, size_t pass_len, const uint8_t salt[], size_t salt_len, size_t rounds)
size_t salt_len
Definition: x509_obj.cpp:25

References Botan::bcrypt_pbkdf(), and salt_len.

◆ iterations()

size_t Botan::Bcrypt_PBKDF::iterations ( ) const

Most password hashes have some notion of iterations.

Implements Botan::PasswordHash.

Definition at line 36 of file bcrypt_pbkdf.h.

36{ return m_iterations; }

◆ memory_param()

size_t Botan::Bcrypt_PBKDF::memory_param ( ) const

Some password hashing algorithms have a parameter which controls how much memory is used. If not supported by some algorithm, returns 0.

Reimplemented from Botan::PasswordHash.

Definition at line 40 of file bcrypt_pbkdf.h.

40{ return 0; }

◆ operator=()

Bcrypt_PBKDF & Botan::Bcrypt_PBKDF::operator= ( const Bcrypt_PBKDF )

◆ parallelism()

size_t Botan::Bcrypt_PBKDF::parallelism ( ) const

Some password hashing algorithms have a parallelism parameter. If the algorithm does not support this notion, then the function returns zero. This allows distinguishing between a password hash which just does not support parallel operation, vs one that does support parallel operation but which has been configured to use a single lane.

Reimplemented from Botan::PasswordHash.

Definition at line 38 of file bcrypt_pbkdf.h.

38{ return 0; }

◆ to_string()

std::string Botan::Bcrypt_PBKDF::to_string ( ) const

Implements Botan::PasswordHash.

Definition at line 25 of file bcrypt_pbkdf.cpp.

26 {
27 return "Bcrypt-PBKDF(" + std::to_string(m_iterations) + ")";
28 }
std::string to_string(const BER_Object &obj)
Definition: asn1_obj.cpp:213

References Botan::ASN1::to_string().

◆ total_memory_usage()

size_t Botan::Bcrypt_PBKDF::total_memory_usage ( ) const

Returns an estimate of the total memory usage required to perform this key derivation.

If this algorithm uses a small and constant amount of memory, with no effort made towards being memory hard, this function returns 0.

Reimplemented from Botan::PasswordHash.

Definition at line 42 of file bcrypt_pbkdf.h.

42{ return 4096; }

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