Botan  2.18.2
Crypto and TLS for C++11
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asn1_obj.h File Reference
#include <botan/secmem.h>
#include <botan/exceptn.h>
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <chrono>

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class  Botan::AlgorithmIdentifier
class  Botan::ASN1_Object
class  Botan::ASN1_String
class  Botan::ASN1_Time
class  Botan::BER_Bad_Tag
class  Botan::BER_Decoding_Error
class  Botan::BER_Object
class  Botan::OID




typedef ASN1_Time Botan::X509_Time


enum  Botan::ASN1_Tag : uint32_t {
  Botan::UNIVERSAL = 0x00, Botan::APPLICATION = 0x40, Botan::CONTEXT_SPECIFIC = 0x80, Botan::CONSTRUCTED = 0x20,
  Botan::PRIVATE = CONSTRUCTED | CONTEXT_SPECIFIC, Botan::EOC = 0x00, Botan::BOOLEAN = 0x01, Botan::INTEGER = 0x02,
  Botan::BIT_STRING = 0x03, Botan::OCTET_STRING = 0x04, Botan::NULL_TAG = 0x05, Botan::OBJECT_ID = 0x06,
  Botan::ENUMERATED = 0x0A, Botan::SEQUENCE = 0x10, Botan::SET = 0x11, Botan::UTF8_STRING = 0x0C,
  Botan::NUMERIC_STRING = 0x12, Botan::PRINTABLE_STRING = 0x13, Botan::T61_STRING = 0x14, Botan::IA5_STRING = 0x16,
  Botan::VISIBLE_STRING = 0x1A, Botan::UNIVERSAL_STRING = 0x1C, Botan::BMP_STRING = 0x1E, Botan::UTC_TIME = 0x17,
  Botan::GENERALIZED_TIME = 0x18, Botan::UTC_OR_GENERALIZED_TIME = 0x19, Botan::NO_OBJECT = 0xFF00, Botan::DIRECTORY_STRING = 0xFF01


std::string Botan::asn1_class_to_string (ASN1_Tag type)
std::string Botan::asn1_tag_to_string (ASN1_Tag type)
bool Botan::ASN1::maybe_BER (DataSource &source)
bool Botan::operator!= (const AlgorithmIdentifier &a1, const AlgorithmIdentifier &a2)
bool Botan::operator!= (const OID &a, const OID &b)
bool Botan::operator!= (const ASN1_Time &, const ASN1_Time &)
OID Botan::operator+ (const OID &oid, uint32_t new_comp)
bool Botan::operator< (const OID &a, const OID &b)
bool Botan::operator< (const ASN1_Time &, const ASN1_Time &)
bool Botan::operator<= (const ASN1_Time &, const ASN1_Time &)
bool Botan::operator== (const AlgorithmIdentifier &a1, const AlgorithmIdentifier &a2)
bool Botan::operator== (const ASN1_Time &, const ASN1_Time &)
bool Botan::operator> (const ASN1_Time &, const ASN1_Time &)
bool Botan::operator>= (const ASN1_Time &, const ASN1_Time &)
std::vector< uint8_t > Botan::ASN1::put_in_sequence (const std::vector< uint8_t > &contents)
std::vector< uint8_t > Botan::ASN1::put_in_sequence (const uint8_t bits[], size_t len)
std::string Botan::ASN1::to_string (const BER_Object &obj)