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CK_FUNCTION_LIST Struct Reference

#include <pkcs11.h>

Public Attributes

CK_C_CancelFunction C_CancelFunction
CK_C_CloseAllSessions C_CloseAllSessions
CK_C_CloseSession C_CloseSession
CK_C_CopyObject C_CopyObject
CK_C_CreateObject C_CreateObject
CK_C_Decrypt C_Decrypt
CK_C_DecryptDigestUpdate C_DecryptDigestUpdate
CK_C_DecryptFinal C_DecryptFinal
CK_C_DecryptInit C_DecryptInit
CK_C_DecryptUpdate C_DecryptUpdate
CK_C_DecryptVerifyUpdate C_DecryptVerifyUpdate
CK_C_DeriveKey C_DeriveKey
CK_C_DestroyObject C_DestroyObject
CK_C_Digest C_Digest
CK_C_DigestEncryptUpdate C_DigestEncryptUpdate
CK_C_DigestFinal C_DigestFinal
CK_C_DigestInit C_DigestInit
CK_C_DigestKey C_DigestKey
CK_C_DigestUpdate C_DigestUpdate
CK_C_Encrypt C_Encrypt
CK_C_EncryptFinal C_EncryptFinal
CK_C_EncryptInit C_EncryptInit
CK_C_EncryptUpdate C_EncryptUpdate
CK_C_Finalize C_Finalize
CK_C_FindObjects C_FindObjects
CK_C_FindObjectsFinal C_FindObjectsFinal
CK_C_FindObjectsInit C_FindObjectsInit
CK_C_GenerateKey C_GenerateKey
CK_C_GenerateKeyPair C_GenerateKeyPair
CK_C_GenerateRandom C_GenerateRandom
CK_C_GetAttributeValue C_GetAttributeValue
CK_C_GetFunctionList C_GetFunctionList
CK_C_GetFunctionStatus C_GetFunctionStatus
CK_C_GetInfo C_GetInfo
CK_C_GetMechanismInfo C_GetMechanismInfo
CK_C_GetMechanismList C_GetMechanismList
CK_C_GetObjectSize C_GetObjectSize
CK_C_GetOperationState C_GetOperationState
CK_C_GetSessionInfo C_GetSessionInfo
CK_C_GetSlotInfo C_GetSlotInfo
CK_C_GetSlotList C_GetSlotList
CK_C_GetTokenInfo C_GetTokenInfo
CK_C_Initialize C_Initialize
CK_C_InitToken C_InitToken
CK_C_Login C_Login
CK_C_Logout C_Logout
CK_C_OpenSession C_OpenSession
CK_C_SeedRandom C_SeedRandom
CK_C_SetAttributeValue C_SetAttributeValue
CK_C_SetOperationState C_SetOperationState
CK_C_Sign C_Sign
CK_C_SignEncryptUpdate C_SignEncryptUpdate
CK_C_SignFinal C_SignFinal
CK_C_SignInit C_SignInit
CK_C_SignRecover C_SignRecover
CK_C_SignRecoverInit C_SignRecoverInit
CK_C_SignUpdate C_SignUpdate
CK_C_UnwrapKey C_UnwrapKey
CK_C_Verify C_Verify
CK_C_VerifyFinal C_VerifyFinal
CK_C_VerifyInit C_VerifyInit
CK_C_VerifyRecover C_VerifyRecover
CK_C_VerifyRecoverInit C_VerifyRecoverInit
CK_C_VerifyUpdate C_VerifyUpdate
CK_C_WaitForSlotEvent C_WaitForSlotEvent
CK_C_WrapKey C_WrapKey
CK_VERSION version

Detailed Description

Definition at line 242 of file pkcs11.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ C_CancelFunction

CK_C_CancelFunction CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_CancelFunction

Definition at line 920 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_CloseAllSessions

CK_C_CloseAllSessions CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_CloseAllSessions

Definition at line 194 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_CloseSession

CK_C_CloseSession CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_CloseSession

Definition at line 185 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_CopyObject

CK_C_CopyObject CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_CopyObject

Definition at line 279 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_CreateObject

CK_C_CreateObject CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_CreateObject

Definition at line 265 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_Decrypt

CK_C_Decrypt CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_Decrypt

Definition at line 446 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DecryptDigestUpdate

CK_C_DecryptDigestUpdate CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DecryptDigestUpdate

Definition at line 749 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DecryptFinal

CK_C_DecryptFinal CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DecryptFinal

Definition at line 476 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DecryptInit

CK_C_DecryptInit CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DecryptInit

Definition at line 435 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DecryptUpdate

CK_C_DecryptUpdate CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DecryptUpdate

Definition at line 461 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DecryptVerifyUpdate

CK_C_DecryptVerifyUpdate CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DecryptVerifyUpdate

Definition at line 779 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DeriveKey

CK_C_DeriveKey CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DeriveKey

Definition at line 862 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DestroyObject

CK_C_DestroyObject CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DestroyObject

Definition at line 292 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_Digest


Definition at line 500 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DigestEncryptUpdate

CK_C_DigestEncryptUpdate CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DigestEncryptUpdate

Definition at line 734 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DigestFinal

CK_C_DigestFinal CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DigestFinal

Definition at line 541 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DigestInit

CK_C_DigestInit CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DigestInit

Definition at line 490 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DigestKey

CK_C_DigestKey CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DigestKey

Definition at line 529 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_DigestUpdate

CK_C_DigestUpdate CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_DigestUpdate

Definition at line 515 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_Encrypt

CK_C_Encrypt CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_Encrypt

Definition at line 394 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_EncryptFinal

CK_C_EncryptFinal CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_EncryptFinal

Definition at line 424 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_EncryptInit

CK_C_EncryptInit CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_EncryptInit

Definition at line 383 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_EncryptUpdate

CK_C_EncryptUpdate CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_EncryptUpdate

Definition at line 409 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_Finalize

CK_C_Finalize CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_Finalize

Definition at line 36 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_FindObjects

CK_C_FindObjects CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_FindObjects

Definition at line 357 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_FindObjectsFinal

CK_C_FindObjectsFinal CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_FindObjectsFinal

Definition at line 371 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_FindObjectsInit

CK_C_FindObjectsInit CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_FindObjectsInit

Definition at line 343 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GenerateKey

CK_C_GenerateKey CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GenerateKey

Definition at line 797 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GenerateKeyPair

CK_C_GenerateKeyPair CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GenerateKeyPair

Definition at line 812 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GenerateRandom

CK_C_GenerateRandom CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GenerateRandom

Definition at line 892 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetAttributeValue

CK_C_GetAttributeValue CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GetAttributeValue

Definition at line 315 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetFunctionList

CK_C_GetFunctionList CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GetFunctionList

Definition at line 54 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetFunctionStatus

CK_C_GetFunctionStatus CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GetFunctionStatus

Definition at line 909 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetInfo


Definition at line 45 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetMechanismInfo

CK_C_GetMechanismInfo CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GetMechanismInfo

Definition at line 118 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetMechanismList

CK_C_GetMechanismList CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GetMechanismList

Definition at line 105 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetObjectSize

CK_C_GetObjectSize CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GetObjectSize

Definition at line 302 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetOperationState

CK_C_GetOperationState CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GetOperationState

Definition at line 215 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetSessionInfo

CK_C_GetSessionInfo CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GetSessionInfo

Definition at line 203 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetSlotInfo

CK_C_GetSlotInfo CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GetSlotInfo

Definition at line 81 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetSlotList

CK_C_GetSlotList CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GetSlotList

Definition at line 68 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_GetTokenInfo

CK_C_GetTokenInfo CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_GetTokenInfo

Definition at line 93 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_Initialize

CK_C_Initialize CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_Initialize

Definition at line 22 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_InitPIN


Definition at line 141 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_InitToken

CK_C_InitToken CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_InitToken

Definition at line 129 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_Login


Definition at line 241 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_Logout


Definition at line 253 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_OpenSession

CK_C_OpenSession CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_OpenSession

Definition at line 170 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_SeedRandom

CK_C_SeedRandom CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_SeedRandom

Definition at line 881 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_SetAttributeValue

CK_C_SetAttributeValue CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_SetAttributeValue

Definition at line 329 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_SetOperationState

CK_C_SetOperationState CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_SetOperationState

Definition at line 228 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_SetPIN


Definition at line 152 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_Sign


Definition at line 573 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_SignEncryptUpdate

CK_C_SignEncryptUpdate CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_SignEncryptUpdate

Definition at line 764 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_SignFinal

CK_C_SignFinal CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_SignFinal

Definition at line 602 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_SignInit


Definition at line 559 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_SignRecover

CK_C_SignRecover CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_SignRecover

Definition at line 628 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_SignRecoverInit

CK_C_SignRecoverInit CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_SignRecoverInit

Definition at line 615 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_SignUpdate

CK_C_SignUpdate CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_SignUpdate

Definition at line 589 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_UnwrapKey

CK_C_UnwrapKey CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_UnwrapKey

Definition at line 844 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_Verify


Definition at line 661 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_VerifyFinal

CK_C_VerifyFinal CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_VerifyFinal

Definition at line 690 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_VerifyInit

CK_C_VerifyInit CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_VerifyInit

Definition at line 647 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_VerifyRecover

CK_C_VerifyRecover CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_VerifyRecover

Definition at line 716 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_VerifyRecoverInit

CK_C_VerifyRecoverInit CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_VerifyRecoverInit

Definition at line 703 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_VerifyUpdate

CK_C_VerifyUpdate CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_VerifyUpdate

Definition at line 677 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_WaitForSlotEvent

CK_C_WaitForSlotEvent CK_FUNCTION_LIST::C_WaitForSlotEvent

Definition at line 931 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ C_WrapKey


Definition at line 828 of file pkcs11.h.

◆ version


Definition at line 244 of file pkcs11.h.

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