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stl_util.h File Reference

Internal Header. More...

#include <vector>
#include <variant>
#include <string>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <tuple>
#include <botan/secmem.h>

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struct  Botan::overloaded< Ts >


namespace  Botan


template<typename... Ts>
decltype(auto) Botan::concat (Ts &&...buffers)
template<typename ResultT , typename... Ts>
ResultT Botan::concat_as (Ts &&...buffers)
template<typename... Alts, typename... Ts>
constexpr bool Botan::holds_any_of (const std::variant< Ts... > &v) noexcept
template<typename K , typename V >
std::set< K > Botan::map_keys_as_set (const std::map< K, V > &kv)
template<typename T , typename Pred >
void Botan::map_remove_if (Pred pred, T &assoc)
template<typename K , typename V >
void Botan::multimap_insert (std::multimap< K, V > &multimap, const K &key, const V &value)
template<class... Ts>
 Botan::overloaded (Ts...) -> overloaded< Ts... >
template<typename K , typename V , typename R >
Botan::search_map (const std::map< K, V > &mapping, const K &key, const R &null_result, const R &found_result)
template<typename K , typename V >
Botan::search_map (const std::map< K, V > &mapping, const K &key, const V &null_result=V())
std::vector< uint8_t > Botan::to_byte_vector (const std::string &s)
std::string Botan::to_string (const secure_vector< uint8_t > &bytes)
template<typename T >
bool Botan::value_exists (const std::vector< T > &vec, const T &val)

Detailed Description

Internal Header.

Definition in file stl_util.h.