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os_utils.h File Reference

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#include <botan/types.h>
#include <functional>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

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class  Botan::OS::Echo_Suppression


namespace  Botan
namespace  Botan::OS


std::vector< void * > Botan::OS::allocate_locked_pages (size_t count)
void Botan::OS::free_locked_pages (const std::vector< void * > &pages)
unsigned long Botan::OS::get_auxval (unsigned long id)
size_t BOTAN_TEST_API Botan::OS::get_cpu_available ()
uint64_t BOTAN_TEST_API Botan::OS::get_cpu_cycle_counter ()
uint64_t BOTAN_TEST_API Botan::OS::get_high_resolution_clock ()
size_t Botan::OS::get_memory_locking_limit ()
uint32_t BOTAN_TEST_API Botan::OS::get_process_id ()
uint64_t BOTAN_TEST_API Botan::OS::get_system_timestamp_ns ()
void Botan::OS::page_allow_access (void *page)
void Botan::OS::page_named (void *page, size_t size)
void Botan::OS::page_prohibit_access (void *page)
bool Botan::OS::read_env_variable (std::string &value_out, std::string_view var_name)
size_t Botan::OS::read_env_variable_sz (std::string_view var_name, size_t def_value=0)
int BOTAN_TEST_API Botan::OS::run_cpu_instruction_probe (const std::function< int()> &probe_fn)
bool Botan::OS::running_in_privileged_state ()
std::unique_ptr< Echo_Suppression > BOTAN_UNSTABLE_API Botan::OS::suppress_echo_on_terminal ()
size_t Botan::OS::system_page_size ()

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Internal Header.

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