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oids.h File Reference

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#include <botan/asn1_obj.h>

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namespace  Botan
namespace  Botan::OIDS


void Botan::OIDS::add_oid (const OID &oid, std::string_view name)
BOTAN_UNSTABLE_API void Botan::OIDS::add_oid2str (const OID &oid, std::string_view name)
void Botan::OIDS::add_oidstr (const char *oidstr, const char *name)
BOTAN_UNSTABLE_API void Botan::OIDS::add_str2oid (const OID &oid, std::string_view name)
std::string Botan::OIDS::lookup (const OID &oid)
OID Botan::OIDS::lookup (std::string_view name)
std::string Botan::OIDS::oid2str_or_empty (const OID &oid)
std::string Botan::OIDS::oid2str_or_throw (const OID &oid)
OID Botan::OIDS::str2oid_or_empty (std::string_view name)

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