Botan  2.13.0
Crypto and TLS for C++11
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ct_utils.h File Reference
#include <botan/secmem.h>
#include <botan/internal/bit_ops.h>
#include <type_traits>
#include <vector>

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class  Botan::CT::Mask< T >




template<typename T >
Mask< TBotan::CT::conditional_copy_mem (T cnd, T *to, const T *from0, const T *from1, size_t elems)
template<typename T >
void Botan::CT::conditional_swap (bool cnd, T &x, T &y)
template<typename T >
void Botan::CT::conditional_swap_ptr (bool cnd, T &x, T &y)
secure_vector< uint8_t > Botan::CT::copy_output (CT::Mask< uint8_t > bad_input, const uint8_t input[], size_t input_length, size_t offset)
template<typename T >
void Botan::CT::poison (const T *p, size_t n)
secure_vector< uint8_t > Botan::CT::strip_leading_zeros (const uint8_t in[], size_t length)
secure_vector< uint8_t > Botan::CT::strip_leading_zeros (const secure_vector< uint8_t > &in)
template<typename T >
void Botan::CT::unpoison (const T *p, size_t n)
template<typename T >
void Botan::CT::unpoison (T &p)