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argon2_avx2.cpp File Reference
#include <botan/argon2.h>
#include <immintrin.h>

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namespace  Botan


 Botan::BOTAN_FUNC_ISA ("avx2") void Argon2

Variable Documentation

◆ inh

const void* inh
Initial value:
return SIMD_4x64(
_mm256_loadu2_m128i(reinterpret_cast<const __m128i*>(inl), reinterpret_cast<const __m128i*>(inh)))
static const void * inh

Definition at line 31 of file argon2_avx2.cpp.

◆ outl

void* outl
Initial value:
_mm256_storeu2_m128i(reinterpret_cast<__m128i*>(outh), reinterpret_cast<__m128i*>(outl), m_simd)
void * outl

Definition at line 46 of file argon2_avx2.cpp.