Botan: Crypto and TLS for C++11ΒΆ

Botan is a crypto library for C++ released under the permissive BSD-2 license.

It provides useful things like TLS, X.509 PKIX (certs, CRLs, OCSP, etc), ECDSA, AES, GCM, and bcrypt, plus a kitchen sink of other crypto algorithms of various utility. A third party open source implementation of SSHv2 that uses botan is also available. In addition to C++ you can use (parts of) botan from Python or Perl (both included in tree), or with Node.js.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for a list of common questions and answers, Download for information about getting the latest release, and Reference Manual for the documentation.

If you need help or have questions, send a mail to the development mailing list.

You can browse the source online via the GitHub mirror.

To report a bug use Bugzilla or GitHub Issues.