Deprecated FeaturesΒΆ

The following functionality is currently deprecated, and will likely be removed in a future release. If you think you have a good reason to be using one of the following, contact the developers to explain your use case if you want to make sure your code continues to work.

This is in addition to specific API calls marked with BOTAN_DEPRECATED in the source.

  • Directly accessing the member variables of types calendar_point, ASN1_Attribute, and AlgorithmIdentifier
  • The headers botan.h, init.h, lookup.h
  • All or nothing package transform (package.h)
  • The Perl-XS wrapper
  • The TLS constructors taking std::function for callbacks. Instead use the TLS::Callbacks interface.
  • Using X509_Certificate::subject_info and issuer_info to access any information that is not included in the DN or subject alternative name. Prefer using the specific accessor functions for other data, eg instead of cert.subject_info("X509.Certificate.serial") use cert.serial_number().
  • The Buffered_Computation base class. In a future release the class will be removed, and all of member functions instead declared directly on MessageAuthenticationCode and HashFunction. So this only affects you if you are directly referencing Botan::Buffered_Computation in some way.
  • The SymmetricAlgorithm base class. Similarly to Buffered_Computation, in a future release the class will be removed and its member functions copied to classes which currently subclass it. This only affects your code if you are referencing Botan::SymmetricAlgorithm directly.
  • Platform support for Google Native Client
  • Support for PathScale and HP compilers
  • TLS: 3DES and SEED ciphersuites
  • TLS: Anonymous DH/ECDH ciphersuites
  • TLS: DSA ciphersuites/certs
  • TLS: static RSA key exchange ciphersuites
  • TLS: CCM_8 ciphersuites
  • Block ciphers CAST-256, Kasumi, MISTY1, and DESX.
  • CBC-MAC, X9.19-MAC
  • PBKDF1 key derivation
  • GCM support for 64-bit tags
  • Old (Google specific) ChaCha20 TLS ciphersuites
  • All built in ECC groups < 256 bits
  • All built in MODP groups < 2048 bits
  • All pre-created DSA groups