Botan  2.13.0
Crypto and TLS for C++11
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point_gfp.h File Reference
#include <botan/curve_gfp.h>
#include <botan/exceptn.h>
#include <vector>

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class  Botan::Blinded_Point_Multiply
class  Botan::Illegal_Point
class  Botan::Illegal_Transformation
class  Botan::PointGFp




secure_vector< uint8_t > Botan::EC2OSP (const PointGFp &point, uint8_t format)
PointGFp Botan::multi_exponentiate (const PointGFp &p1, const BigInt &z1, const PointGFp &p2, const BigInt &z2)
bool Botan::operator!= (const PointGFp &lhs, const PointGFp &rhs)
PointGFp Botan::operator* (const PointGFp &point, const BigInt &scalar)
PointGFp Botan::operator* (const BigInt &scalar, const PointGFp &point)
PointGFp Botan::operator+ (const PointGFp &lhs, const PointGFp &rhs)
PointGFp Botan::operator- (const PointGFp &lhs)
PointGFp Botan::operator- (const PointGFp &lhs, const PointGFp &rhs)
template<typename Alloc >
PointGFp Botan::OS2ECP (const std::vector< uint8_t, Alloc > &data, const CurveGFp &curve)
PointGFp Botan::OS2ECP (const uint8_t data[], size_t data_len, const CurveGFp &curve)
std::pair< BigInt, BigInt > Botan::OS2ECP (const uint8_t data[], size_t data_len, const BigInt &curve_p, const BigInt &curve_a, const BigInt &curve_b)
void std::swap< Botan::PointGFp > (Botan::PointGFp &x, Botan::PointGFp &y)