Botan  2.12.1
Crypto and TLS for C++11
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1 /*
2 * S-Box Tables for CAST-128 and CAST-256
3 * (C) 1999-2007 Jack Lloyd
4 *
5 * Botan is released under the Simplified BSD License (see license.txt)
6 */
11 #include <botan/types.h>
13 namespace Botan {
15 const uint32_t CAST_SBOX1[256] = {
16  0x30FB40D4, 0x9FA0FF0B, 0x6BECCD2F, 0x3F258C7A, 0x1E213F2F, 0x9C004DD3,
17  0x6003E540, 0xCF9FC949, 0xBFD4AF27, 0x88BBBDB5, 0xE2034090, 0x98D09675,
18  0x6E63A0E0, 0x15C361D2, 0xC2E7661D, 0x22D4FF8E, 0x28683B6F, 0xC07FD059,
19  0xFF2379C8, 0x775F50E2, 0x43C340D3, 0xDF2F8656, 0x887CA41A, 0xA2D2BD2D,
20  0xA1C9E0D6, 0x346C4819, 0x61B76D87, 0x22540F2F, 0x2ABE32E1, 0xAA54166B,
21  0x22568E3A, 0xA2D341D0, 0x66DB40C8, 0xA784392F, 0x004DFF2F, 0x2DB9D2DE,
22  0x97943FAC, 0x4A97C1D8, 0x527644B7, 0xB5F437A7, 0xB82CBAEF, 0xD751D159,
23  0x6FF7F0ED, 0x5A097A1F, 0x827B68D0, 0x90ECF52E, 0x22B0C054, 0xBC8E5935,
24  0x4B6D2F7F, 0x50BB64A2, 0xD2664910, 0xBEE5812D, 0xB7332290, 0xE93B159F,
25  0xB48EE411, 0x4BFF345D, 0xFD45C240, 0xAD31973F, 0xC4F6D02E, 0x55FC8165,
26  0xD5B1CAAD, 0xA1AC2DAE, 0xA2D4B76D, 0xC19B0C50, 0x882240F2, 0x0C6E4F38,
27  0xA4E4BFD7, 0x4F5BA272, 0x564C1D2F, 0xC59C5319, 0xB949E354, 0xB04669FE,
28  0xB1B6AB8A, 0xC71358DD, 0x6385C545, 0x110F935D, 0x57538AD5, 0x6A390493,
29  0xE63D37E0, 0x2A54F6B3, 0x3A787D5F, 0x6276A0B5, 0x19A6FCDF, 0x7A42206A,
30  0x29F9D4D5, 0xF61B1891, 0xBB72275E, 0xAA508167, 0x38901091, 0xC6B505EB,
31  0x84C7CB8C, 0x2AD75A0F, 0x874A1427, 0xA2D1936B, 0x2AD286AF, 0xAA56D291,
32  0xD7894360, 0x425C750D, 0x93B39E26, 0x187184C9, 0x6C00B32D, 0x73E2BB14,
33  0xA0BEBC3C, 0x54623779, 0x64459EAB, 0x3F328B82, 0x7718CF82, 0x59A2CEA6,
34  0x04EE002E, 0x89FE78E6, 0x3FAB0950, 0x325FF6C2, 0x81383F05, 0x6963C5C8,
35  0x76CB5AD6, 0xD49974C9, 0xCA180DCF, 0x380782D5, 0xC7FA5CF6, 0x8AC31511,
36  0x35E79E13, 0x47DA91D0, 0xF40F9086, 0xA7E2419E, 0x31366241, 0x051EF495,
37  0xAA573B04, 0x4A805D8D, 0x548300D0, 0x00322A3C, 0xBF64CDDF, 0xBA57A68E,
38  0x75C6372B, 0x50AFD341, 0xA7C13275, 0x915A0BF5, 0x6B54BFAB, 0x2B0B1426,
39  0xAB4CC9D7, 0x449CCD82, 0xF7FBF265, 0xAB85C5F3, 0x1B55DB94, 0xAAD4E324,
40  0xCFA4BD3F, 0x2DEAA3E2, 0x9E204D02, 0xC8BD25AC, 0xEADF55B3, 0xD5BD9E98,
41  0xE31231B2, 0x2AD5AD6C, 0x954329DE, 0xADBE4528, 0xD8710F69, 0xAA51C90F,
42  0xAA786BF6, 0x22513F1E, 0xAA51A79B, 0x2AD344CC, 0x7B5A41F0, 0xD37CFBAD,
43  0x1B069505, 0x41ECE491, 0xB4C332E6, 0x032268D4, 0xC9600ACC, 0xCE387E6D,
44  0xBF6BB16C, 0x6A70FB78, 0x0D03D9C9, 0xD4DF39DE, 0xE01063DA, 0x4736F464,
45  0x5AD328D8, 0xB347CC96, 0x75BB0FC3, 0x98511BFB, 0x4FFBCC35, 0xB58BCF6A,
46  0xE11F0ABC, 0xBFC5FE4A, 0xA70AEC10, 0xAC39570A, 0x3F04442F, 0x6188B153,
47  0xE0397A2E, 0x5727CB79, 0x9CEB418F, 0x1CACD68D, 0x2AD37C96, 0x0175CB9D,
48  0xC69DFF09, 0xC75B65F0, 0xD9DB40D8, 0xEC0E7779, 0x4744EAD4, 0xB11C3274,
49  0xDD24CB9E, 0x7E1C54BD, 0xF01144F9, 0xD2240EB1, 0x9675B3FD, 0xA3AC3755,
50  0xD47C27AF, 0x51C85F4D, 0x56907596, 0xA5BB15E6, 0x580304F0, 0xCA042CF1,
51  0x011A37EA, 0x8DBFAADB, 0x35BA3E4A, 0x3526FFA0, 0xC37B4D09, 0xBC306ED9,
52  0x98A52666, 0x5648F725, 0xFF5E569D, 0x0CED63D0, 0x7C63B2CF, 0x700B45E1,
53  0xD5EA50F1, 0x85A92872, 0xAF1FBDA7, 0xD4234870, 0xA7870BF3, 0x2D3B4D79,
54  0x42E04198, 0x0CD0EDE7, 0x26470DB8, 0xF881814C, 0x474D6AD7, 0x7C0C5E5C,
55  0xD1231959, 0x381B7298, 0xF5D2F4DB, 0xAB838653, 0x6E2F1E23, 0x83719C9E,
56  0xBD91E046, 0x9A56456E, 0xDC39200C, 0x20C8C571, 0x962BDA1C, 0xE1E696FF,
57  0xB141AB08, 0x7CCA89B9, 0x1A69E783, 0x02CC4843, 0xA2F7C579, 0x429EF47D,
58  0x427B169C, 0x5AC9F049, 0xDD8F0F00, 0x5C8165BF };
60 const uint32_t CAST_SBOX2[256] = {
61  0x1F201094, 0xEF0BA75B, 0x69E3CF7E, 0x393F4380, 0xFE61CF7A, 0xEEC5207A,
62  0x55889C94, 0x72FC0651, 0xADA7EF79, 0x4E1D7235, 0xD55A63CE, 0xDE0436BA,
63  0x99C430EF, 0x5F0C0794, 0x18DCDB7D, 0xA1D6EFF3, 0xA0B52F7B, 0x59E83605,
64  0xEE15B094, 0xE9FFD909, 0xDC440086, 0xEF944459, 0xBA83CCB3, 0xE0C3CDFB,
65  0xD1DA4181, 0x3B092AB1, 0xF997F1C1, 0xA5E6CF7B, 0x01420DDB, 0xE4E7EF5B,
66  0x25A1FF41, 0xE180F806, 0x1FC41080, 0x179BEE7A, 0xD37AC6A9, 0xFE5830A4,
67  0x98DE8B7F, 0x77E83F4E, 0x79929269, 0x24FA9F7B, 0xE113C85B, 0xACC40083,
68  0xD7503525, 0xF7EA615F, 0x62143154, 0x0D554B63, 0x5D681121, 0xC866C359,
69  0x3D63CF73, 0xCEE234C0, 0xD4D87E87, 0x5C672B21, 0x071F6181, 0x39F7627F,
70  0x361E3084, 0xE4EB573B, 0x602F64A4, 0xD63ACD9C, 0x1BBC4635, 0x9E81032D,
71  0x2701F50C, 0x99847AB4, 0xA0E3DF79, 0xBA6CF38C, 0x10843094, 0x2537A95E,
72  0xF46F6FFE, 0xA1FF3B1F, 0x208CFB6A, 0x8F458C74, 0xD9E0A227, 0x4EC73A34,
73  0xFC884F69, 0x3E4DE8DF, 0xEF0E0088, 0x3559648D, 0x8A45388C, 0x1D804366,
74  0x721D9BFD, 0xA58684BB, 0xE8256333, 0x844E8212, 0x128D8098, 0xFED33FB4,
75  0xCE280AE1, 0x27E19BA5, 0xD5A6C252, 0xE49754BD, 0xC5D655DD, 0xEB667064,
76  0x77840B4D, 0xA1B6A801, 0x84DB26A9, 0xE0B56714, 0x21F043B7, 0xE5D05860,
77  0x54F03084, 0x066FF472, 0xA31AA153, 0xDADC4755, 0xB5625DBF, 0x68561BE6,
78  0x83CA6B94, 0x2D6ED23B, 0xECCF01DB, 0xA6D3D0BA, 0xB6803D5C, 0xAF77A709,
79  0x33B4A34C, 0x397BC8D6, 0x5EE22B95, 0x5F0E5304, 0x81ED6F61, 0x20E74364,
80  0xB45E1378, 0xDE18639B, 0x881CA122, 0xB96726D1, 0x8049A7E8, 0x22B7DA7B,
81  0x5E552D25, 0x5272D237, 0x79D2951C, 0xC60D894C, 0x488CB402, 0x1BA4FE5B,
82  0xA4B09F6B, 0x1CA815CF, 0xA20C3005, 0x8871DF63, 0xB9DE2FCB, 0x0CC6C9E9,
83  0x0BEEFF53, 0xE3214517, 0xB4542835, 0x9F63293C, 0xEE41E729, 0x6E1D2D7C,
84  0x50045286, 0x1E6685F3, 0xF33401C6, 0x30A22C95, 0x31A70850, 0x60930F13,
85  0x73F98417, 0xA1269859, 0xEC645C44, 0x52C877A9, 0xCDFF33A6, 0xA02B1741,
86  0x7CBAD9A2, 0x2180036F, 0x50D99C08, 0xCB3F4861, 0xC26BD765, 0x64A3F6AB,
87  0x80342676, 0x25A75E7B, 0xE4E6D1FC, 0x20C710E6, 0xCDF0B680, 0x17844D3B,
88  0x31EEF84D, 0x7E0824E4, 0x2CCB49EB, 0x846A3BAE, 0x8FF77888, 0xEE5D60F6,
89  0x7AF75673, 0x2FDD5CDB, 0xA11631C1, 0x30F66F43, 0xB3FAEC54, 0x157FD7FA,
90  0xEF8579CC, 0xD152DE58, 0xDB2FFD5E, 0x8F32CE19, 0x306AF97A, 0x02F03EF8,
91  0x99319AD5, 0xC242FA0F, 0xA7E3EBB0, 0xC68E4906, 0xB8DA230C, 0x80823028,
92  0xDCDEF3C8, 0xD35FB171, 0x088A1BC8, 0xBEC0C560, 0x61A3C9E8, 0xBCA8F54D,
93  0xC72FEFFA, 0x22822E99, 0x82C570B4, 0xD8D94E89, 0x8B1C34BC, 0x301E16E6,
94  0x273BE979, 0xB0FFEAA6, 0x61D9B8C6, 0x00B24869, 0xB7FFCE3F, 0x08DC283B,
95  0x43DAF65A, 0xF7E19798, 0x7619B72F, 0x8F1C9BA4, 0xDC8637A0, 0x16A7D3B1,
96  0x9FC393B7, 0xA7136EEB, 0xC6BCC63E, 0x1A513742, 0xEF6828BC, 0x520365D6,
97  0x2D6A77AB, 0x3527ED4B, 0x821FD216, 0x095C6E2E, 0xDB92F2FB, 0x5EEA29CB,
98  0x145892F5, 0x91584F7F, 0x5483697B, 0x2667A8CC, 0x85196048, 0x8C4BACEA,
99  0x833860D4, 0x0D23E0F9, 0x6C387E8A, 0x0AE6D249, 0xB284600C, 0xD835731D,
100  0xDCB1C647, 0xAC4C56EA, 0x3EBD81B3, 0x230EABB0, 0x6438BC87, 0xF0B5B1FA,
101  0x8F5EA2B3, 0xFC184642, 0x0A036B7A, 0x4FB089BD, 0x649DA589, 0xA345415E,
102  0x5C038323, 0x3E5D3BB9, 0x43D79572, 0x7E6DD07C, 0x06DFDF1E, 0x6C6CC4EF,
103  0x7160A539, 0x73BFBE70, 0x83877605, 0x4523ECF1 };
105 const uint32_t CAST_SBOX3[256] = {
106  0x8DEFC240, 0x25FA5D9F, 0xEB903DBF, 0xE810C907, 0x47607FFF, 0x369FE44B,
107  0x8C1FC644, 0xAECECA90, 0xBEB1F9BF, 0xEEFBCAEA, 0xE8CF1950, 0x51DF07AE,
108  0x920E8806, 0xF0AD0548, 0xE13C8D83, 0x927010D5, 0x11107D9F, 0x07647DB9,
109  0xB2E3E4D4, 0x3D4F285E, 0xB9AFA820, 0xFADE82E0, 0xA067268B, 0x8272792E,
110  0x553FB2C0, 0x489AE22B, 0xD4EF9794, 0x125E3FBC, 0x21FFFCEE, 0x825B1BFD,
111  0x9255C5ED, 0x1257A240, 0x4E1A8302, 0xBAE07FFF, 0x528246E7, 0x8E57140E,
112  0x3373F7BF, 0x8C9F8188, 0xA6FC4EE8, 0xC982B5A5, 0xA8C01DB7, 0x579FC264,
113  0x67094F31, 0xF2BD3F5F, 0x40FFF7C1, 0x1FB78DFC, 0x8E6BD2C1, 0x437BE59B,
114  0x99B03DBF, 0xB5DBC64B, 0x638DC0E6, 0x55819D99, 0xA197C81C, 0x4A012D6E,
115  0xC5884A28, 0xCCC36F71, 0xB843C213, 0x6C0743F1, 0x8309893C, 0x0FEDDD5F,
116  0x2F7FE850, 0xD7C07F7E, 0x02507FBF, 0x5AFB9A04, 0xA747D2D0, 0x1651192E,
117  0xAF70BF3E, 0x58C31380, 0x5F98302E, 0x727CC3C4, 0x0A0FB402, 0x0F7FEF82,
118  0x8C96FDAD, 0x5D2C2AAE, 0x8EE99A49, 0x50DA88B8, 0x8427F4A0, 0x1EAC5790,
119  0x796FB449, 0x8252DC15, 0xEFBD7D9B, 0xA672597D, 0xADA840D8, 0x45F54504,
120  0xFA5D7403, 0xE83EC305, 0x4F91751A, 0x925669C2, 0x23EFE941, 0xA903F12E,
121  0x60270DF2, 0x0276E4B6, 0x94FD6574, 0x927985B2, 0x8276DBCB, 0x02778176,
122  0xF8AF918D, 0x4E48F79E, 0x8F616DDF, 0xE29D840E, 0x842F7D83, 0x340CE5C8,
123  0x96BBB682, 0x93B4B148, 0xEF303CAB, 0x984FAF28, 0x779FAF9B, 0x92DC560D,
124  0x224D1E20, 0x8437AA88, 0x7D29DC96, 0x2756D3DC, 0x8B907CEE, 0xB51FD240,
125  0xE7C07CE3, 0xE566B4A1, 0xC3E9615E, 0x3CF8209D, 0x6094D1E3, 0xCD9CA341,
126  0x5C76460E, 0x00EA983B, 0xD4D67881, 0xFD47572C, 0xF76CEDD9, 0xBDA8229C,
127  0x127DADAA, 0x438A074E, 0x1F97C090, 0x081BDB8A, 0x93A07EBE, 0xB938CA15,
128  0x97B03CFF, 0x3DC2C0F8, 0x8D1AB2EC, 0x64380E51, 0x68CC7BFB, 0xD90F2788,
129  0x12490181, 0x5DE5FFD4, 0xDD7EF86A, 0x76A2E214, 0xB9A40368, 0x925D958F,
130  0x4B39FFFA, 0xBA39AEE9, 0xA4FFD30B, 0xFAF7933B, 0x6D498623, 0x193CBCFA,
131  0x27627545, 0x825CF47A, 0x61BD8BA0, 0xD11E42D1, 0xCEAD04F4, 0x127EA392,
132  0x10428DB7, 0x8272A972, 0x9270C4A8, 0x127DE50B, 0x285BA1C8, 0x3C62F44F,
133  0x35C0EAA5, 0xE805D231, 0x428929FB, 0xB4FCDF82, 0x4FB66A53, 0x0E7DC15B,
134  0x1F081FAB, 0x108618AE, 0xFCFD086D, 0xF9FF2889, 0x694BCC11, 0x236A5CAE,
135  0x12DECA4D, 0x2C3F8CC5, 0xD2D02DFE, 0xF8EF5896, 0xE4CF52DA, 0x95155B67,
136  0x494A488C, 0xB9B6A80C, 0x5C8F82BC, 0x89D36B45, 0x3A609437, 0xEC00C9A9,
137  0x44715253, 0x0A874B49, 0xD773BC40, 0x7C34671C, 0x02717EF6, 0x4FEB5536,
138  0xA2D02FFF, 0xD2BF60C4, 0xD43F03C0, 0x50B4EF6D, 0x07478CD1, 0x006E1888,
139  0xA2E53F55, 0xB9E6D4BC, 0xA2048016, 0x97573833, 0xD7207D67, 0xDE0F8F3D,
140  0x72F87B33, 0xABCC4F33, 0x7688C55D, 0x7B00A6B0, 0x947B0001, 0x570075D2,
141  0xF9BB88F8, 0x8942019E, 0x4264A5FF, 0x856302E0, 0x72DBD92B, 0xEE971B69,
142  0x6EA22FDE, 0x5F08AE2B, 0xAF7A616D, 0xE5C98767, 0xCF1FEBD2, 0x61EFC8C2,
143  0xF1AC2571, 0xCC8239C2, 0x67214CB8, 0xB1E583D1, 0xB7DC3E62, 0x7F10BDCE,
144  0xF90A5C38, 0x0FF0443D, 0x606E6DC6, 0x60543A49, 0x5727C148, 0x2BE98A1D,
145  0x8AB41738, 0x20E1BE24, 0xAF96DA0F, 0x68458425, 0x99833BE5, 0x600D457D,
146  0x282F9350, 0x8334B362, 0xD91D1120, 0x2B6D8DA0, 0x642B1E31, 0x9C305A00,
147  0x52BCE688, 0x1B03588A, 0xF7BAEFD5, 0x4142ED9C, 0xA4315C11, 0x83323EC5,
148  0xDFEF4636, 0xA133C501, 0xE9D3531C, 0xEE353783 };
150 const uint32_t CAST_SBOX4[256] = {
151  0x9DB30420, 0x1FB6E9DE, 0xA7BE7BEF, 0xD273A298, 0x4A4F7BDB, 0x64AD8C57,
152  0x85510443, 0xFA020ED1, 0x7E287AFF, 0xE60FB663, 0x095F35A1, 0x79EBF120,
153  0xFD059D43, 0x6497B7B1, 0xF3641F63, 0x241E4ADF, 0x28147F5F, 0x4FA2B8CD,
154  0xC9430040, 0x0CC32220, 0xFDD30B30, 0xC0A5374F, 0x1D2D00D9, 0x24147B15,
155  0xEE4D111A, 0x0FCA5167, 0x71FF904C, 0x2D195FFE, 0x1A05645F, 0x0C13FEFE,
156  0x081B08CA, 0x05170121, 0x80530100, 0xE83E5EFE, 0xAC9AF4F8, 0x7FE72701,
157  0xD2B8EE5F, 0x06DF4261, 0xBB9E9B8A, 0x7293EA25, 0xCE84FFDF, 0xF5718801,
158  0x3DD64B04, 0xA26F263B, 0x7ED48400, 0x547EEBE6, 0x446D4CA0, 0x6CF3D6F5,
159  0x2649ABDF, 0xAEA0C7F5, 0x36338CC1, 0x503F7E93, 0xD3772061, 0x11B638E1,
160  0x72500E03, 0xF80EB2BB, 0xABE0502E, 0xEC8D77DE, 0x57971E81, 0xE14F6746,
161  0xC9335400, 0x6920318F, 0x081DBB99, 0xFFC304A5, 0x4D351805, 0x7F3D5CE3,
162  0xA6C866C6, 0x5D5BCCA9, 0xDAEC6FEA, 0x9F926F91, 0x9F46222F, 0x3991467D,
163  0xA5BF6D8E, 0x1143C44F, 0x43958302, 0xD0214EEB, 0x022083B8, 0x3FB6180C,
164  0x18F8931E, 0x281658E6, 0x26486E3E, 0x8BD78A70, 0x7477E4C1, 0xB506E07C,
165  0xF32D0A25, 0x79098B02, 0xE4EABB81, 0x28123B23, 0x69DEAD38, 0x1574CA16,
166  0xDF871B62, 0x211C40B7, 0xA51A9EF9, 0x0014377B, 0x041E8AC8, 0x09114003,
167  0xBD59E4D2, 0xE3D156D5, 0x4FE876D5, 0x2F91A340, 0x557BE8DE, 0x00EAE4A7,
168  0x0CE5C2EC, 0x4DB4BBA6, 0xE756BDFF, 0xDD3369AC, 0xEC17B035, 0x06572327,
169  0x99AFC8B0, 0x56C8C391, 0x6B65811C, 0x5E146119, 0x6E85CB75, 0xBE07C002,
170  0xC2325577, 0x893FF4EC, 0x5BBFC92D, 0xD0EC3B25, 0xB7801AB7, 0x8D6D3B24,
171  0x20C763EF, 0xC366A5FC, 0x9C382880, 0x0ACE3205, 0xAAC9548A, 0xECA1D7C7,
172  0x041AFA32, 0x1D16625A, 0x6701902C, 0x9B757A54, 0x31D477F7, 0x9126B031,
173  0x36CC6FDB, 0xC70B8B46, 0xD9E66A48, 0x56E55A79, 0x026A4CEB, 0x52437EFF,
174  0x2F8F76B4, 0x0DF980A5, 0x8674CDE3, 0xEDDA04EB, 0x17A9BE04, 0x2C18F4DF,
175  0xB7747F9D, 0xAB2AF7B4, 0xEFC34D20, 0x2E096B7C, 0x1741A254, 0xE5B6A035,
176  0x213D42F6, 0x2C1C7C26, 0x61C2F50F, 0x6552DAF9, 0xD2C231F8, 0x25130F69,
177  0xD8167FA2, 0x0418F2C8, 0x001A96A6, 0x0D1526AB, 0x63315C21, 0x5E0A72EC,
178  0x49BAFEFD, 0x187908D9, 0x8D0DBD86, 0x311170A7, 0x3E9B640C, 0xCC3E10D7,
179  0xD5CAD3B6, 0x0CAEC388, 0xF73001E1, 0x6C728AFF, 0x71EAE2A1, 0x1F9AF36E,
180  0xCFCBD12F, 0xC1DE8417, 0xAC07BE6B, 0xCB44A1D8, 0x8B9B0F56, 0x013988C3,
181  0xB1C52FCA, 0xB4BE31CD, 0xD8782806, 0x12A3A4E2, 0x6F7DE532, 0x58FD7EB6,
182  0xD01EE900, 0x24ADFFC2, 0xF4990FC5, 0x9711AAC5, 0x001D7B95, 0x82E5E7D2,
183  0x109873F6, 0x00613096, 0xC32D9521, 0xADA121FF, 0x29908415, 0x7FBB977F,
184  0xAF9EB3DB, 0x29C9ED2A, 0x5CE2A465, 0xA730F32C, 0xD0AA3FE8, 0x8A5CC091,
185  0xD49E2CE7, 0x0CE454A9, 0xD60ACD86, 0x015F1919, 0x77079103, 0xDEA03AF6,
186  0x78A8565E, 0xDEE356DF, 0x21F05CBE, 0x8B75E387, 0xB3C50651, 0xB8A5C3EF,
187  0xD8EEB6D2, 0xE523BE77, 0xC2154529, 0x2F69EFDF, 0xAFE67AFB, 0xF470C4B2,
188  0xF3E0EB5B, 0xD6CC9876, 0x39E4460C, 0x1FDA8538, 0x1987832F, 0xCA007367,
189  0xA99144F8, 0x296B299E, 0x492FC295, 0x9266BEAB, 0xB5676E69, 0x9BD3DDDA,
190  0xDF7E052F, 0xDB25701C, 0x1B5E51EE, 0xF65324E6, 0x6AFCE36C, 0x0316CC04,
191  0x8644213E, 0xB7DC59D0, 0x7965291F, 0xCCD6FD43, 0x41823979, 0x932BCDF6,
192  0xB657C34D, 0x4EDFD282, 0x7AE5290C, 0x3CB9536B, 0x851E20FE, 0x9833557E,
193  0x13ECF0B0, 0xD3FFB372, 0x3F85C5C1, 0x0AEF7ED2 };
195 }
197 #endif
const uint32_t CAST_SBOX3[256]
Definition: cast_sboxes.h:105
const uint32_t CAST_SBOX4[256]
Definition: cast_sboxes.h:150
Definition: alg_id.cpp:13
const uint32_t CAST_SBOX2[256]
Definition: cast_sboxes.h:60
const uint32_t CAST_SBOX1[256]
Definition: cast_sboxes.h:15