Botan  1.11.15
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Botan::PK_Decryptor_EME Class Reference

#include <pubkey.h>

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Public Member Functions

secure_vector< bytedecrypt (const byte in[], size_t length) const
template<typename Alloc >
secure_vector< bytedecrypt (const std::vector< byte, Alloc > &in) const
 PK_Decryptor_EME (const Private_Key &key, const std::string &eme)

Detailed Description

Decryption with an MR algorithm and an EME.

Definition at line 416 of file pubkey.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Botan::PK_Decryptor_EME::PK_Decryptor_EME ( const Private_Key key,
const std::string &  eme 

Construct an instance.

keythe key to use inside the encryptor
emethe EME to use

Definition at line 89 of file pubkey.cpp.

References Botan::get_eme().

91  {
92  m_op.reset(get_pk_op<PK_Ops::Decryption>(key, eme_name));
93  m_eme.reset(get_eme(eme_name));
94  }
BOTAN_DLL EME * get_eme(const std::string &algo_spec)
Definition: get_pk_pad.cpp:25

Member Function Documentation

secure_vector<byte> Botan::PK_Decryptor::decrypt ( const byte  in[],
size_t  length 
) const

Decrypt a ciphertext.

inthe ciphertext as a byte array
lengththe length of the above byte array
decrypted message

Definition at line 97 of file pubkey.h.

Referenced by Botan::KeyPair::encryption_consistency_check().

98  {
99  return dec(in, length);
100  }
template<typename Alloc >
secure_vector<byte> Botan::PK_Decryptor::decrypt ( const std::vector< byte, Alloc > &  in) const

Decrypt a ciphertext.

inthe ciphertext
decrypted message

Definition at line 108 of file pubkey.h.

109  {
110  return dec(&in[0], in.size());
111  }

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