Botan  1.11.21
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Botan::EAC1_1_Req Class Reference

#include <cvc_req.h>

Inheritance diagram for Botan::EAC1_1_Req:
Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req > Botan::EAC1_1_obj< EAC1_1_Req > Botan::EAC_Signed_Object

Public Member Functions

std::vector< byteBER_encode () const
bool check_signature (class Public_Key &key) const
bool check_signature (class Public_Key &key, const std::vector< byte > &sig) const
 EAC1_1_Req (DataSource &source)
 EAC1_1_Req (const std::string &str)
void encode (Pipe &out, X509_Encoding encoding) const
ASN1_Chr get_chr () const
std::vector< byteget_concat_sig () const
bool is_self_signed () const
bool operator== (const EAC1_1_Req &other) const
std::string PEM_encode () const
AlgorithmIdentifier signature_algorithm () const
Public_Keysubject_public_key () const
std::vector< bytetbs_data () const
virtual ~EAC1_1_Req ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::vector< bytebuild_cert_body (const std::vector< byte > &tbs)
static std::vector< bytemake_signed (PK_Signer &signer, const std::vector< byte > &tbs_bits, RandomNumberGenerator &rng)

Protected Member Functions

void do_decode ()
void init (DataSource &in)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void decode_info (DataSource &source, std::vector< byte > &res_tbs_bits, ECDSA_Signature &res_sig)

Protected Attributes

ASN1_Chr m_chr
ECDSA_Signature m_sig
std::string PEM_label_pref
std::vector< std::string > PEM_labels_allowed
bool self_signed
AlgorithmIdentifier sig_algo
std::vector< bytetbs_bits


class EAC1_1_ADO
class EAC1_1_obj< EAC1_1_Req >

Detailed Description

This class represents TR03110 v1.1 EAC CV Certificate Requests.

Definition at line 19 of file cvc_req.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Botan::EAC1_1_Req::EAC1_1_Req ( DataSource source)

Construct a CVC request from a data source.

sourcethe data source

Definition at line 38 of file cvc_req.cpp.

References Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::do_decode(), Botan::EAC1_1_obj< EAC1_1_Req >::init(), and Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::self_signed.

39  {
40  init(in);
41  self_signed = true;
42  do_decode();
43  }
void init(DataSource &in)
Definition: eac_obj.h:38
Botan::EAC1_1_Req::EAC1_1_Req ( const std::string &  str)

Construct a CVC request from a DER encoded CVC request file.

strthe path to the DER encoded file

Definition at line 45 of file cvc_req.cpp.

References Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::do_decode(), Botan::EAC1_1_obj< EAC1_1_Req >::init(), and Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::self_signed.

46  {
47  DataSource_Stream stream(in, true);
48  init(stream);
49  self_signed = true;
50  do_decode();
51  }
void init(DataSource &in)
Definition: eac_obj.h:38
virtual Botan::EAC1_1_Req::~EAC1_1_Req ( )

Definition at line 43 of file cvc_req.h.

43 {}

Member Function Documentation

std::vector< byte > Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::BER_encode ( ) const

BER encode this object.

result containing the BER representation of this object.

Definition at line 18 of file signed_obj.cpp.

References Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::encode(), Botan::Pipe::end_msg(), Botan::RAW_BER, Botan::Pipe::read_all(), Botan::Pipe::start_msg(), and Botan::unlock().

Referenced by Botan::CVC_EAC::create_ado_req().

19  {
20  Pipe ber;
21  ber.start_msg();
22  encode(ber, RAW_BER);
23  ber.end_msg();
24  return unlock(ber.read_all());
25  }
virtual void encode(Pipe &pipe, X509_Encoding encoding=PEM) const =0
std::vector< T > unlock(const secure_vector< T > &in)
Definition: secmem.h:100
static std::vector<byte> Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::build_cert_body ( const std::vector< byte > &  tbs)

Build the DER encoded certifcate body of an object

tbsthe data to be signed
the correctly encoded body of the object
bool Botan::EAC1_1_obj< EAC1_1_Req >::check_signature ( class Public_Key key) const

Definition at line 30 of file eac_obj.h.

References Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::check_signature(), Botan::ECDSA_Signature::DER_encode(), and Botan::EAC1_1_obj< Derived >::m_sig.

31  {
32  return EAC_Signed_Object::check_signature(key, m_sig.DER_encode());
33  }
std::vector< byte > DER_encode() const
Definition: ecdsa_sig.cpp:23
bool Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::check_signature ( class Public_Key key,
const std::vector< byte > &  sig 
) const

Check the signature of this object.

keythe public key associated with this signed object
sigthe signature we are checking
true if the signature was created by the private key associated with this public key

Definition at line 47 of file signed_obj.cpp.

References Botan::Public_Key::algo_name(), Botan::DER_SEQUENCE, Botan::IEEE_1363, Botan::OIDS::lookup(), Botan::Public_Key::message_parts(), Botan::AlgorithmIdentifier::oid, Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::sig_algo, Botan::split_on(), Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::tbs_data(), and Botan::PK_Verifier::verify_message().

Referenced by Botan::EAC1_1_obj< EAC1_1_Req >::check_signature().

49  {
50  try
51  {
52  std::vector<std::string> sig_info =
55  if(sig_info.size() != 2 || sig_info[0] != pub_key.algo_name())
56  {
57  return false;
58  }
60  std::string padding = sig_info[1];
61  Signature_Format format =
62  (pub_key.message_parts() >= 2) ? DER_SEQUENCE : IEEE_1363;
64  std::vector<byte> to_sign = tbs_data();
66  PK_Verifier verifier(pub_key, padding, format);
67  return verifier.verify_message(to_sign, sig);
68  }
69  catch(...)
70  {
71  return false;
72  }
73  }
AlgorithmIdentifier sig_algo
Definition: signed_obj.h:85
Definition: pubkey.h:24
std::vector< std::string > split_on(const std::string &str, char delim)
Definition: parsing.cpp:139
std::string lookup(const OID &oid)
Definition: oids.cpp:155
virtual std::vector< byte > tbs_data() const =0
static void Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::decode_info ( DataSource source,
std::vector< byte > &  res_tbs_bits,
ECDSA_Signature res_sig 
void Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::do_decode ( )

Definition at line 78 of file signed_obj.cpp.

References e, and Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::PEM_label_pref.

Referenced by Botan::EAC1_1_ADO::EAC1_1_ADO(), Botan::EAC1_1_CVC::EAC1_1_CVC(), and EAC1_1_Req().

79  {
80  try {
81  force_decode();
82  }
83  catch(Decoding_Error& e)
84  {
85  const std::string what = e.what();
86  throw Decoding_Error(PEM_label_pref + " decoding failed (" + what + ")");
87  }
88  catch(Invalid_Argument& e)
89  {
90  const std::string what = e.what();
91  throw Decoding_Error(PEM_label_pref + " decoding failed (" + what + ")");
92  }
93  }
const BigInt & e
Definition: rw.cpp:97
std::invalid_argument Invalid_Argument
Definition: exceptn.h:20
std::string PEM_label_pref
Definition: signed_obj.h:87
void Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::encode ( Pipe out,
X509_Encoding  encoding 
) const

Put the DER encoded version of this object into a pipe. PEM is not supported.

outthe pipe to push the DER encoded version into
encodingthe encoding to use. Must be DER.

Implements Botan::EAC_Signed_Object.

ASN1_Chr Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::get_chr ( ) const

Get the CHR of the certificate.

the CHR of the certificate
std::vector<byte> Botan::EAC1_1_obj< EAC1_1_Req >::get_concat_sig ( ) const

Return the signature as a concatenation of the encoded parts.

the concatenated signature

Implements Botan::EAC_Signed_Object.

Definition at line 27 of file eac_obj.h.

References Botan::ECDSA_Signature::get_concatenation(), and Botan::EAC1_1_obj< Derived >::m_sig.

Referenced by operator==().

28  { return m_sig.get_concatenation(); }
std::vector< byte > get_concatenation() const
Definition: ecdsa_sig.cpp:33
void Botan::EAC1_1_obj< EAC1_1_Req >::init ( DataSource in)

Definition at line 38 of file eac_obj.h.

References Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::PEM_label_pref, and Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::tbs_bits.

Referenced by EAC1_1_Req().

39  {
40  try
41  {
42  Derived::decode_info(in, tbs_bits, m_sig);
43  }
44  catch(Decoding_Error)
45  {
46  throw Decoding_Error(PEM_label_pref + " decoding failed");
47  }
48  }
std::string PEM_label_pref
Definition: signed_obj.h:87
std::vector< byte > tbs_bits
Definition: signed_obj.h:86
bool Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::is_self_signed ( ) const

Find out whether this object is self signed.

true if this object is self signed
static std::vector<byte> Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::make_signed ( PK_Signer signer,
const std::vector< byte > &  tbs_bits,
RandomNumberGenerator rng 

Create a signed generalized CVC object.

signerthe signer used to sign this object
tbs_bitsthe body the generalized CVC object to be signed
rnga random number generator
the DER encoded signed generalized CVC object
bool Botan::EAC1_1_Req::operator== ( const EAC1_1_Req other) const

Compare for equality with other

othercompare for equality with this object

Definition at line 14 of file cvc_req.cpp.

References Botan::EAC1_1_obj< EAC1_1_Req >::get_concat_sig(), Botan::EAC1_1_obj< Derived >::get_concat_sig(), Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::tbs_data(), and Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< Derived >::tbs_data().

15  {
16  return (this->tbs_data() == rhs.tbs_data() &&
17  this->get_concat_sig() == rhs.get_concat_sig());
18  }
std::vector< byte > tbs_data() const
std::vector< byte > get_concat_sig() const
Definition: eac_obj.h:27
std::string Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::PEM_encode ( ) const

PEM encode this object.

result containing the PEM representation of this object.

Definition at line 30 of file signed_obj.cpp.

References Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::encode(), Botan::Pipe::end_msg(), Botan::PEM, Botan::Pipe::read_all_as_string(), and Botan::Pipe::start_msg().

31  {
32  Pipe pem;
33  pem.start_msg();
34  encode(pem, PEM);
35  pem.end_msg();
36  return pem.read_all_as_string();
37  }
virtual void encode(Pipe &pipe, X509_Encoding encoding=PEM) const =0
AlgorithmIdentifier Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::signature_algorithm ( ) const

Get the signature algorithm identifier used to sign this object.

the signature algorithm identifier

Definition at line 42 of file signed_obj.cpp.

References Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::sig_algo.

Referenced by Botan::CVC_EAC::create_ado_req(), Botan::DE_EAC::link_cvca(), and Botan::DE_EAC::sign_request().

43  {
44  return sig_algo;
45  }
AlgorithmIdentifier sig_algo
Definition: signed_obj.h:85
Public_Key* Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::subject_public_key ( ) const

Get this certificates public key.

this certificates public key
std::vector<byte> Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::tbs_data ( ) const

Get the to-be-signed (TBS) data of this object.

the TBS data of this object

Implements Botan::EAC_Signed_Object.

Referenced by operator==().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class EAC1_1_ADO

Definition at line 22 of file cvc_req.h.

friend class EAC1_1_obj< EAC1_1_Req >

Definition at line 23 of file cvc_req.h.

Member Data Documentation

ASN1_Chr Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::m_chr

Definition at line 87 of file cvc_gen_cert.h.

ECDSA_PublicKey* Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::m_pk

Definition at line 86 of file cvc_gen_cert.h.

ECDSA_Signature Botan::EAC1_1_obj< EAC1_1_Req >::m_sig

Definition at line 36 of file eac_obj.h.

std::string Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::PEM_label_pref
std::vector<std::string> Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::PEM_labels_allowed

Definition at line 88 of file signed_obj.h.

bool Botan::EAC1_1_gen_CVC< EAC1_1_Req >::self_signed

Definition at line 88 of file cvc_gen_cert.h.

Referenced by EAC1_1_Req().

AlgorithmIdentifier Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::sig_algo
std::vector<byte> Botan::EAC_Signed_Object::tbs_bits

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