Botan  1.11.26
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Botan::Cert_Extension::Issuer_Alternative_Name Class Reference

#include <x509_ext.h>

Inheritance diagram for Botan::Cert_Extension::Issuer_Alternative_Name:
Botan::Cert_Extension::Alternative_Name Botan::Certificate_Extension

Public Member Functions

Issuer_Alternative_Namecopy () const override
AlternativeName get_alt_name () const
 Issuer_Alternative_Name (const AlternativeName &=AlternativeName())
OID oid_of () const

Detailed Description

Issuer Alternative Name Extension

Definition at line 224 of file x509_ext.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Botan::Cert_Extension::Issuer_Alternative_Name::Issuer_Alternative_Name ( const AlternativeName name = AlternativeName())

Definition at line 405 of file x509_ext.cpp.

References Botan::Data_Store::add(), Botan::BER_Decoder::decode_list(), Botan::DER_Encoder::encode_list(), Botan::DER_Encoder::end_cons(), Botan::DER_Encoder::get_contents_unlocked(), Botan::SEQUENCE, and Botan::DER_Encoder::start_cons().

405  :
406  Alternative_Name(name, "X509v3.IssuerAlternativeName")
407  {
408  }
Alternative_Name(const AlternativeName &, const std::string &oid_name)
Definition: x509_ext.cpp:386

Member Function Documentation

Issuer_Alternative_Name* Botan::Cert_Extension::Issuer_Alternative_Name::copy ( ) const

Make a copy of this extension

copy of this

Implements Botan::Certificate_Extension.

Definition at line 227 of file x509_ext.h.

228  { return new Issuer_Alternative_Name(get_alt_name()); }
Issuer_Alternative_Name(const AlternativeName &=AlternativeName())
Definition: x509_ext.cpp:405
AlternativeName get_alt_name() const
Definition: x509_ext.h:191
AlternativeName Botan::Cert_Extension::Alternative_Name::get_alt_name ( ) const

Definition at line 191 of file x509_ext.h.

191 { return m_alt_name; }
OID Botan::Certificate_Extension::oid_of ( ) const
OID representing this extension

Definition at line 74 of file x509_ext.cpp.

References Botan::OIDS::lookup().

Referenced by Botan::Extensions::encode_into().

75  {
76  return OIDS::lookup(oid_name());
77  }
virtual std::string oid_name() const =0
std::string lookup(const OID &oid)
Definition: oids.cpp:155

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